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Having A Salt Scrub In A Spa

Being exposed on a day-to-day basis to things in the environment such as the sun, the skin gets damaged and the most superficial layer of skin dies. This leaves that feeling of dryness and roughness when you feel your skin. To avoid this from happening, people apply different kinds of creams and lotions. Lotions nowadays have sun protection in them to help you get that extra protection you need when under the sun’s rays.

No matter what protective measures we avail of, it is inevitable for a certain amount of skin to die and feel rough or coarse. In relation to this, there are a lot of treatment procedures out there in spas or dermatological clinics that offer ways for you to rejuvenate your skin and once again feel smooth and young. There are even 24 hour massage in Singapore that have different procedures available such as exfoliation processes or peels. It is often up to the person receiving the treatment to choose from the vast lists of treatments available for him.

One of the treatments for exfoliation is the so called “Salt Scrub” where salt is used in order to exfoliate skin, revealing newer and younger glow. This salt is often mixed with aromatics and oils to make the experience as delightful as its effects. Other terms for this kind of body scrub is “Scrub with Sea Salt” or “Salt Glow”. All of these are essentially the same thing. How fine or coarse the salt may be can vary, as well as the aroma that can be infused with the salt scrub and the oils.

Getting A Salt Scrub

To start, of course the person receiving the treatment lies on a table undressed. The process is a little similar to a massage however, less attention is made on applying pressure to remove stress from the muscles and more on scrubbing off the upper layer of skin that is not giving any benefits. The person then flips over and the same process is repeated on the other side.

After getting the scrub, you are advised to take a shower but not by using shower gels or body baths. This is due to the fact that you want to preserve the aromatics and oils applied to your skin. Just rinse off without using gels or soap. A therapist may also take warm towels and wipe off the salt and oils applied to your body.

After this, the therapist will let you go back to the table and lay down. This is the time where lotion or cream is applied. This is to aid in preventing irritation of the skin after getting dried. This is because after exfoliation, the skin exposed is new and therefore needs to be cared for. This is done by the application of hydrants such as lotions or creams.

Is A Salt Scrub Safe?

Salt scrubs are very safe and customers do not have anything to worry about. Using this natural ingredient prevents the skin from being exposed to any artificial and possibly irritating ingredients. These may counteract the exfoliation process and may even cause harm. Because salt is a natural and organic ingredient, there are very low and minimal chances for irritation and adverse effects to take place. There are many 24 hour massage in Singapore but you need to carefully choose the right company to ensure that the service you are availing is safe and effective.

If you want to try out a salt scrub, be sure to get in touch with Grand Spa. They have a wide selection of services that you will definitely enjoy.

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Having A Salt Scrub In A Spa